Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Anti-UAV System

UAVs include reconnaissance/strike UAVs (CH-5, CH-4, CH-3, FH-92A and FH-901) and multi-purpose reconnaissance UAVs (FH-91, FH-96, CH-804, CH-10 and FH-902) with maximum operation radius of 250km and endurance from 1 to 30 h. Featuring high reconnaissance effectiveness, high anti- jamming capability, diversified payloads, integrated reconnaissance & strike, easy operation and simple maintenance, CH and FH series UAVs can be used for military operations, such as battlefield surveillance, intelligence acquisition anti-terrorism combat, no-fly zone patrol, firing calibration, data relay and electronic warfare.
Anti UAV System integrates detect, control and defeat devices to protect airspace safety.



FH-95 is a multi-functional UAV, which can be used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, striking targets, electronic warfare, artillery fire correction, damage effect assessment, target laser designation, and etc. Its takeoff weight is 850Kg, maximum payload weight is 200kg, and maximum flight time is 12h. The UAV uses wheeled landing to takeoff and recovery. The HD 4-in-1 EO/IR/LRF/LD payload can be carried to realize all-weather and all-time intelligence reconnaissance. Also FH-95 has the interface of installing satellite communication equipment which can support operations in remote and complex terrain. Besides, four hanging points can mount up to 120kg precision strike weapons to attack ground fixed and moving targets. Also electronic reconnaissance and electronic jamming payload can be integrated to carry out electronic warfare mission. With wheeled landing gear, the FH-95 UAV can use wheeled take-off and landing on the airport runway (minimum dimensions 2000×30 meters).


  • Reconnaissance and strike integration
  • Extreme precision of real time target position location
  • Integrating visible light, infrared, SAR image reconnaissance and elevtronic, intelligence reconnaissance methods are optional
  • It can carry a variety of conventional weapon payloads to realize different purpose strikes
  • It can carry multi-electronic warfare payloads such as radar reconnaissance, radar jamming, etc.
  • Its system reliability is higher due to the avionics equipment adopts double redundancy design
  • Fully autonomous taking-off, landing and flight control




Platform Performance Parameters
Take-off Mass ≤ 850 kg
Payload Capacity 195 kg
Endurance ≥12 h
Operation Radius ≥ 250 km (LOS)
Ceiling ≥ 7,000 m
Cruising Altitude 3,000 ~ 6,000 m
Cruising Speed 140 ~ 180 km/h
Max. Speed ≥ 190 km/h
Target Positioning Accuracy CEP ≤ 10 m (the distance between target and UAV 5,000m)
Strike Precision CEP ≤ 1.5 m (Fixed target)
CEP 2 m (Moving target V < 70km/h)
Payload Type HD 4-1 EO/IR/LRT/LD Payload;
Weapon system;
Electronic reconnaissance and electronic jamming payload;
Satellite communication equipment.
Launch Wheeled
Recovery Wheeled