Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Anti-UAV System

UAVs include reconnaissance/strike UAVs (CH-5, CH-4, CH-3, FH-92A and FH-901) and multi-purpose reconnaissance UAVs (FH-91, FH-96, CH-804, CH-10 and FH-902) with maximum operation radius of 250km and endurance from 1 to 30 h. Featuring high reconnaissance effectiveness, high anti- jamming capability, diversified payloads, integrated reconnaissance & strike, easy operation and simple maintenance, CH and FH series UAVs can be used for military operations, such as battlefield surveillance, intelligence acquisition anti-terrorism combat, no-fly zone patrol, firing calibration, data relay and electronic warfare.
Anti UAV System integrates detect, control and defeat devices to protect airspace safety.



CH-3 is a mature medium-range UAV system. One set system is composed of three aircrafts, one ground control station (GCS) and one ground support package. CH-3 adopts layout of canard and sweepback wing. The vertical tail and rudder are equipped on the tip of the wings, and the engine is installed in the rear part of the fuselage. CH-3 possesses the functions of automatic landing and take-off with retractable nose gear. CH-3A UAV can be equipped with 2 weapons (50kg each, eg. AGM, PGB) to complete reconnaissance and strike missions.
The advantages of this UAV system are high reliability, high efficiency and low cost. It can be used for various missions, such as battle field reconnaissance, strike, data-link relay, intelligence collection and electronic warfare, etc.
CH-3/3A have been procured by many friendly countries and put into operation in the battle fields. Its technology has also been transfered to some states.


  • Battle Proven Performance
  • Composite Material
  • Multi Payloads & Armaments
  • Fully Autonomous Operation
  • Simple Logistic, Deployment & Maintenance




Platform Performance Parameters
CH-3 CH-3A
Payload Capacity 58 kg 175 kg
Endurance 12 h 6 h
Operation Radius 200 km (LOS) 200 km (LOS)
Max. Range 2,400 km 2,000 km
Ceiling 6,500 m 6,000 m
Cruising Altitude 3,000-5,000 m 3,000-5,000 m
Cruising Speed 180-220 km/h 180-220 km/h
Max. Speed 256 km/h 250 km/h
Launch & Recovery Wheeled Wheeled