Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Anti-UAV System

UAVs include reconnaissance/strike UAVs (CH-5, CH-4, CH-3, FH-92A and FH-901) and multi-purpose reconnaissance UAVs (FH-91, FH-96, CH-804, CH-10 and FH-902) with maximum operation radius of 250km and endurance from 1 to 30 h. Featuring high reconnaissance effectiveness, high anti- jamming capability, diversified payloads, integrated reconnaissance & strike, easy operation and simple maintenance, CH and FH series UAVs can be used for military operations, such as battlefield surveillance, intelligence acquisition anti-terrorism combat, no-fly zone patrol, firing calibration, data relay and electronic warfare.
Anti UAV System integrates detect, control and defeat devices to protect airspace safety.



CH-804 UAV system is a mature product with convenient operation and strong expansion capability. It adopts propelled, monoplane and twin- tail boom conventional configuration. It is powered by mini-gasoline engine. It is taken off by catapult and recovered by parachute. The ground part of system is equipped with ground control cabinet system to conduct flight control, mission planning and loading, link monitor as well as information processing. The system is cost effective and is able to carry out the operations of system expansion and update.

CH-804 UAV focuses on performing tasks, such as combat surveillance, artillery correction, firepower guidance, destruction effectiveness assessment, providing information of battlefield situation, such as force deployment, target location, etc.


  • Long Endurance
  • Flexible Loading and Carrying Capacity
  • Wide variety of cutting edge payloads
  • Rapid Deployment
  • High Cost-effective Ratio




Platform Performance Parameters
Take-off Mass 21.5 kg
Payload Capacity 4.8 kg
Endurance 8 h (Distinctive endurance according to various loading)
Operation Radius 75 km (LOS)
Max. Range 800 km
Ceiling 4,000 m
Cruising Altitude 500-1,500 m
Cruising Velocity 90-110 km/h
Max. Speed 120 km/h
Deployment Time ≤ 30 min
Withdrawal Time ≤ 15 min
Launch Catapult
Recovery Parachute