Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Anti-UAV System

UAVs include reconnaissance/strike UAVs (CH-5, CH-4, CH-3, FH-92A and FH-901) and multi-purpose reconnaissance UAVs (FH-91, FH-96, CH-804, CH-10 and FH-902) with maximum operation radius of 250km and endurance from 1 to 30 h. Featuring high reconnaissance effectiveness, high anti- jamming capability, diversified payloads, integrated reconnaissance & strike, easy operation and simple maintenance, CH and FH series UAVs can be used for military operations, such as battlefield surveillance, intelligence acquisition anti-terrorism combat, no-fly zone patrol, firing calibration, data relay and electronic warfare.
Anti UAV System integrates detect, control and defeat devices to protect airspace safety.



FH-91 UAV is widely used for battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance, target pinpoint, artillery fire correction, battle damage assessment, geographic information measurement, large area surveying and other applications. The system can also be applied in forest fire prevention, pipeline patrol, meteorological sounding, emergency communications and other business environment.

FH-91 UAV has been employed in PLA Army with wide applications, especially for artillery fire correction and damage assessment.


  • Multi-mode take-off and landing
  • Suitable for field combat
  • Modularization
  • High positioning accuracy
  • High artillery correction accuracy


  • Adaptable to a variety of weapon systems
  • High mobility
  • High integration and easy operation
  • Flexible configuration automation
  • High reliability




Platform Performance Parameters
Take-off Mass 105 kg
Payload Capacity 18 kg
Endurance ≥5 h
Operation Radius ≥ 200 km (LOS)
Ceiling 4,500 m
Cruising Altitude 2,000-2,500 m
Cruising Velocity 120-150 km/h
Max. Flight Speed 180 km/h
Target Location CEP ≤ 20 m
Deployment Time ≤ 60 min
Withdrawal Time ≤ 20 min
Launch Rocket boosting / Vehicular
Recovery Parachute / Glide