Tactical Ground-to-ground Attack Weapon System

The tactical ground-to-ground attack weapon system comprises state-of-the-art M20 missile, WS-43 loitering attack weapon system and multiple launch rocket system (A series and WS series) with precision guided, simple guided and unguided types. The system features universal platform, diversified kinds of warheads, integration of reconnaissance, attack, control and assessment, and a full range of 20 -290 km for a variety of missions.



WS-64 is a new generation of ground-to-ground tactical weapon system used for battlefield fire support and deep strike. As a single-stage solid missile, WS-64 flies with whole-course guidance in lower atmosphere. The system can achieve precision strike and has excellent penetration capability. WS-64 rocket weapon system adopts combined INS / GNSS guidance, radar homing terminal guidance and semi-armor-piercing warhead to precisely attack the warships. Time for launch preparation and withdrawal is short, so that the system’s survivability has been greatly enhanced. It can conduct a high maneuver above the target area and attack vertically with optimal damage.


  • Strong Penetration Damage
  • Long Range
  • High Accuracy


  • Quick Combat Reaction
  • Maneuver Trajectory
  • Vertical Striking


WS-64 rocket battalion is the basic battle unit, and its organization is designed for independent combat.



Range 125-275 km
Accuracy CEP ≤ 10 m
Take-off Mass 1,480 kg
Length of Rocket 7,200 mm
Diameter of Rocket Φ410 mm
Guidance Mode SINS / GNSS + Radar homing guidance
Weight of Warhead 200 kg
Type of Warhead Semi-armor-piercing warhead
Loading Quantity 6 per vehicle
Launch Mode Vehicular canister-type oblique launch