Tactical Ground-to-ground Attack Weapon System

The tactical ground-to-ground attack weapon system comprises state-of-the-art M20 missile, WS-43 loitering attack weapon system and multiple launch rocket system (A series and WS series) with precision guided, simple guided and unguided types. The system features universal platform, diversified kinds of warheads, integration of reconnaissance, attack, control and assessment, and a full range of 20 -290 km for a variety of missions.



WS-22 GMLRS is a new kind of 122mm rocket system to attack and suppress different targets such as military base, airport, seaport, fleet, industrial zone and armored troops, etc. It adopts simple control system to attack high value point targets, such as ground radar station and communication center.

With multiple functions of storage, transport and launch in one canister and simple control technology, WS-22 is characterized by quick reloading, strong firepower, high accuracy and quick response. Rocket of WS-22 is easily compatible with other 122mm MLRS launch platforms. WS-22 rocket has been procured by many friendly countries as a leading GMLRS and transferred its technology to some states.


  • High Accuracy
  • Low Cost Control Components
  • Good Compatibility with 122mm general launch platform
  • High Cost-effectiveness Ratio


WS-22 rocket battalion is the basic battle unit, and its organization is designed for independent combat.



Range 22-42 km
Accuracy CEP ≤ 30 m
Take-off Mass 75 kg
Length of Rocket 3,050 mm
Diameter of Rocket Φ122 mm
Launch Readiness Time ≤ 7 min
Weight of Warhead 14.5 kg
Type of Warhead Blast-fragmentation warhead
Blast / Fragmentation cluster warhead
Loading Quantity 40 per vehicle, another 40 rounds as standby
Launch Mode Vehicular canister-type oblique launch