Tactical Ground-to-ground Attack Weapon System

The tactical ground-to-ground attack weapon system comprises state-of-the-art M20 missile, WS-43 loitering attack weapon system and multiple launch rocket system (A series and WS series) with precision guided, simple guided and unguided types. The system features universal platform, diversified kinds of warheads, integration of reconnaissance, attack, control and assessment, and a full range of 20 -290 km for a variety of missions.



WS-600L tactical missile weapon system is a new type long-range weapon system, which is capable of long-range fire suppression in depth, quick reaction, high accuracy, highl effectiveness, simple operation and high adaptability to complicated environment. It is mainly applied to strike targets such as radar position, missile launching position, command center building, airport runway, reinforced garage, reservoir dam, and military transformer substation. It is a kind of advanced weapon system for hi-tech war.


  • High Accuracy
  • Long Range
  • Strong Penetration Capability


  • Easy Operation
  • Omni-directional Attack & Multiple Target Strike
  • Strong Survivability




Firing range 200-285 km
Accuracy CEP ≤ 10m
(INS/ satellite combined navigation + IR image terminal guidance)
CEP ≤ 30m
(INS/ satellite combined navigation)
Take-off Mass 3,350 kg
Length of Missile 8,500 mm
Diameter of Missile Φ600 mm
Warhead Weight 485 kg
Warhead Type Blast fragmentation/ Penetration/ Conductive fiber
Function of Canister Storage, transportation, launching
Loading Quantity 4 per vehicle
Launching Readiness Time ≤ 7min
Launch Mode Vehicle-carried vertical launching