Tactical Ground-to-ground Attack Weapon System

The tactical ground-to-ground attack weapon system comprises state-of-the-art M20 missile, WS-43 loitering attack weapon system and multiple launch rocket system (A series and WS series) with precision guided, simple guided and unguided types. The system features universal platform, diversified kinds of warheads, integration of reconnaissance, attack, control and assessment, and a full range of 20 -290 km for a variety of missions.



A200 MLRS is a tactical weapon system which is used to attack and suppress group targets and point targets in depth within a range of 50-200 km. The rocket adopts separation technology, maneuvering flight, SINS / GNSS (GPS / GLONASS / BEIDOU) based whole-course guidance. It can strike 8 different targets within an area of 10 km×10 km in one salvo.

The maximum flight Mach is 4.5 and the maximum altitude is less than 45,000 m. It can conduct a high maneuver above the target area and attack vertically with optimal damage.

A200 MLRS has been procured by many friendly countries as a leading MLRS and transfered its technology to some states.


  • High Accuracy
  • Strong Penetration
  • Strong Damage


  • Multiple Strikes
  • Simple operation


A200 rocket battery is the basic battle unit, and its organization is designed for independent combat.



Range 55-190 km
Accuracy CEP ≤ 20 m(Unitary warhead)
CEP ≤ 45 m(Cluster warhead)
Take-off Mass 740 kg
Length of Rocket 7,300 mm
Diameter of Rocket Φ310 mm
Type of Warhead Unitary blast
Unitary fragmentation
Unitary penetration blast
Fragmentation cluster
Maneuverability of Rocket 10 km × 10 km
Function of Canister Storage,transportation,launching
Launching Readiness Time ≤ 6min
From launching vehicle driving to the launch site
≤ 2 min
From horizontal ready-to-launch status to launch
≤ 0.5 min
From oblique ready-to-launch status to launch
Loading Quantity 8 per vehicle
Launch Mode Vehicular oblique hot launch without preset position