Air Defense Missile Weapon System

The air defense missile weapon systems is composed of medium range interceptor (LY-80 series against aerial vehicle and anti- ship missile) and short range air defender (FB series and FN series) with an envelope of 10-20,000m altitude and 0.5-70km slant range, which constitutes a national or area defense system for area air defense, point air defense, fortification air defense and marching air defense. Featuring quick response, strong anti-jamming capability, highly automated fire control, good compatibility for joint combat mission, high maneuverability, easy operation, simple maintenance and battle proven performance, the air defense missile systems are the best choice for modern air defense needs.



FN-M portable air defense missile system is a kind of precise, lightweight and multirole portable system to engage all kinds of short- range ground and low-altitude targets. It is used for multiple missions such as anti-UAV, anti-terrorist, special force operations and so on. Its typical targets include lightweight UAVs and helicopters, light armored vehicles, simple fortifications, and speed boats.


  • Super Portable for Single Soldier Carrying
  • Great Adaptability for Various Platforms
  • Multiple Missions in Complex Battlefield
  • Smart Target Image Recognition
  • Precise Strike, Low Collateral Damage




Platform Performance Parameters
Range 0.5 km -2.8 km against helicopter
0.5 km-1.4 km against UAV
0.5 km-1.8 km against surface target
Altitude 1,800 m against helicopter
900 m against UAV
Guidance Mode Strapdown visible light imaging guidance
Reaction Time 5 s
Single Shot Kill Probability (SSKP) 0.8