Air Defense Missile Weapon System

The air defense missile weapon systems is composed of medium range interceptor (LY-80 series against aerial vehicle and anti- ship missile) and short range air defender (FB series and FN series) with an envelope of 10-20,000m altitude and 0.5-70km slant range, which constitutes a national or area defense system for area air defense, point air defense, fortification air defense and marching air defense. Featuring quick response, strong anti-jamming capability, highly automated fire control, good compatibility for joint combat mission, high maneuverability, easy operation, simple maintenance and battle proven performance, the air defense missile systems are the best choice for modern air defense needs.



FN-16 MANPAD missile is a kind of new generation low altitude and short range air defense weapon upgraded from FN-6. The missile employs IR and UV dual color homing guidance seeker, the combination of laser proximity fuse and impact fuse. It has all-direction attack, anti-infrared decoy and “fire-and-forget” capabilities. It is used to intercept various types of attack helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, cruise missile and UAV.

FN-16 missile has been employed in PLA Army and many friendly countries as a leading short range air defense weapon.


  • High Guidance Accuracy and Excellent Killing Effect
  • Strong Anti-interference Capability
  • Larger Intercept Area
  • Easy Operation and Simple Maintenance
  • Excellent Compatibility with Different Launch Platforms




Platform Performance Parameters
Interception Altitude 10-3,800 m
Interception Range 0.5-5.5 km
Reaction Time 5s
Single Shot Kill Probability (SSKP) 0.8 (Aircraft)
0.7 (Cruise missile)