Air Defense Missile Weapon System

The air defense missile weapon systems is composed of medium range interceptor (LY-80 series against aerial vehicle and anti- ship missile) and short range air defender (FB series and FN series) with an envelope of 10-20,000m altitude and 0.5-70km slant range, which constitutes a national or area defense system for area air defense, point air defense, fortification air defense and marching air defense. Featuring quick response, strong anti-jamming capability, highly automated fire control, good compatibility for joint combat mission, high maneuverability, easy operation, simple maintenance and battle proven performance, the air defense missile systems are the best choice for modern air defense needs.



FB-10A mobile surface-to-air missile weapon system is designed to intercept air targets such as high-performance combat aircrafts, cruise missiles, UAVs and attack helicopters in high-density attack and strong electro-magnetic interference conditions.

The system is mainly used to provide escort air defense for ground mechanical troops and to provide fixed site air defense for high value assets such as military base, airport, oil field and port.


  • Advanced Technology of Missile
  • Strong On-movement Combat Capability
  • Multi-type Combat Modes
  • Strong Crypticity and Survivability
  • Excellent Anti-jamming Capability & Multi-target Engagement Capability
  • High Maneuverability
  • High Systematized Combat Capability


FB-10A weapon system consists combat equipment and technical support equipment. Combat equipment consists of Missile-in-tube (MIT), Command Vehicle (CV) and Firing vehicle (FV). Support equipment consists of MIT rack, Trans-Loading Vehicle (TLV), Power Supply Vehicle (PSV), MIT Test Equipment, System Simulator, Ground Equipment Tester and Training MIT.



Platform Performance Parameters
Interception Altitude 20-7,500 m
Interception Range 1-17 km
Search Radar Mode Solid state completely coherent 3D phased array
Detection Performance Range 50 km
Azimuth 0º - 360º
Elevation 0º - 45º
Launch Mode Oblique servo hot launch
Guidance Mode Update command + IR stare imaging guidance
Capability against Multiple Targets 6x targets can be engaged simultaneously in max. configuration of system (with 6x FVs).simultaneously
System Reaction Time 13 s
Single Shot Kill Probability (SSKP) ≥ 0.8 against aircraft targets
≥ 0.7 against missile targets