Air-to-ground Weapon System

The FT series precision guided bombs consist of 500kg (FT-1, FT-2 and FT-12), 250kg (FT-3/3A and FT-6/6A), 100kg (FT-7, FT-7A), 50kg (FT-9), and less than 25kg (FT-10 and FT-8) aerial bombs with a maximum delivering range of 150km and an accuracy of up to 1.5 m by adopting the combined guidance technology. The bombs are mainly used for attacking fixed or low-speed moving targets on the ground or water. With the features of long delivering range, high accuracy, all-weather, day and night, fire-and-forget and high cost effectiveness, FT series PGB can be carried by bombers, attackers, fighters and UAVs. Additionally, unguided bomb could be upgraded to precision guided bomb with high reliability and low cost.
Air-to-ground small-sized series missiles are composed of AR-1, AR-2, TL-1, TL-2, and TL-3 which can be mounted on UAV. They have characteristics of low-cost, small-size, high accuracy and can be loaded on surveillance & attack integrated UAV.



FT-7A is a 100~150kg modular precision guided bomb, equipped with a semi-active laser, infrared, visible light, anti-radiation, millimeter wave radar seekers, and increased the gliding extended range kits and dynamical extended range kits. It can be assembled in UAV, armed helicopter, and used to attack a variety of fixed and mobile targets.


  • High Accuracy
  • All-weather,Day and Night
  • Lock on Before/After Lauch
  • Easy Operation
  • Low Cost
  • High Cost-effective Ratio


FT-7A consists of semi-active laser seeker, blast/fragment warhead, fuze and guidance control cabin. System configuration drawing of FT-7A is shown as below.



Releasing Altitude 3,000 - 8,000 m
Releasing Velocity 120 ~ 37O km/h
Max Range 14 km
Accuracy CEP ≤ 3 m
Attack Mode Fixed coordinate + terminal guidance
Typical Range 10 km (6,000m, 290km/h)
Guidance Mode GPS/INS + SAL
Fuze Impact fuze
Accumulated Power Time ≥ 200 h
Weight of Mass 80 kg ± 2 kg
Weight of Warhead 52 kg
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ + 60°C
Storage Relative Humidity < 70%
Operation Temperature -40°C ~ + 60°C
Storage Life ≥ 10 years (Periodical Calibration)
Allowance Take-off Time 30 sorties